miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

simposio de JADE hasta finales de septiembre 2011

Pick your favorite jade art work and you could WIN of these priceless sculptures!

All of the 50, very talented gemstone sculptors have been carving for 3 months in this very exciting online event. This is a ground breaking global exhibition to showcase the skills and creativity required when carving our planets “toughest” and most “mystical” material, Jade (well,… other than a crystal ball, joke, : ). Known by many cultures as ...
“the stone of heaven”, jade carving has been an art form passed down from generation to generation, from teacher to student, for over 7,000 years. For reference, that is 2,000 years before the pyramids in Egypt were even built!

The World Jade Symposium shipped all the participating carvers from around the world, an equal sized (fits in the palm of your hand) block of jade on June 1st 2011. A very active discussion forum is hosted here on facebook for all the enthusiasts and participating artists to share in this grand adventure, as well as images of work in progress and techniques related to this ancient art form. It continues to be super eye opening and very inspiring for all involved.

As the “OPEN HOUSE”, or finale of the Symposium rapidly approaches;
Sept 15 – 30th, 2011
It is your turn now to come and view the finished results and pick your favorite jade artwork! By picking the sculpture you appreciate the most, you will be entered to WIN one of these masterpieces, a priceless work of jade art.

Sept 15th – 30th 2011, put these dates in your calendar or simply visit and click the VOTE button. Leave your email and the World Jade Symposium will send you a reminder invitation to this highly anticipated global event.

Please, simply click “SHARE” (the blue text link) or "+ select guests to invite" above to let all your other friends know about this annual, World Jade Sculpting exhibition!
Thank you for your support of “the Arts”, and for the other artists who have been carving for 3 months with the intention to share their creativity and passion with you.

Kind regards,

Brian Matheson
Founder, World Jade Symposium

Ps. I don’t want to give too much away now, but you can also see below, some of the participating artist’s previous works. As well, you can catch a video glimpse of the "gift" sculpture being carved!

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